We know that it takes courage to reach out. We understand that everyones journey is unique, we would be honoured if you would welcome us to walk along side you on yours. 

Present mind wellness individual therapy

Individual Therapy

What is individual therapy? Individual therapy is a private session with a trained therapist. The therapist will help you to identify the thoughts, feelings, and behaviours that are causing difficulties in your life. You may discuss your past experiences and how they have impacted you today and/or your current life situation and how it is affecting your mental health. Your therapist will use this information to come up with a plan for what you can do next in order to make changes to help improve your life.

Present mind wellness couples therapy

Couples Therapy

Psychologists and therapists are professionals who have the skills and knowledge to help couples resolve their conflicts. They can help couples identify the issues that are causing friction in their relationship and offer solutions for them to work through. Your therapist will act as a neutral party, which is important when both partners have strong feelings about the other person’s point of view.

More information about psychology methods used

Emotional Dysregulation

Do you have a hard time regulating your emotions? Do you wonder what's going on when your emotions feel out of control?

Process (behavioural) Additions

If you struggle with a process addiction you struggle to control yourself from engaging in certain behaviours; gambling, sex, internet, exercise, shopping, porn, food or others.


Depression can interfere with your life, including school, family, and relationships. Getting help early can promote full recovery.

Maintaining Sobriety

When maintaining sobriety and striving to have a healthy life, it is helpful to have the right habits and find what works best for you in recovery.


Anxiety may feel like worried thoughts, tension, intrusive thoughts or concerns. You may avoid situations or suffer physical symptoms.

Post-traumatic Stress

We provide treatment to military veterans through Veterans Affairs Canada, with cognitive behavioural therapy and EMDR.

Interpersonal and Family Dysfunction/Family of Origin Issues

Unresolved issues can effect you and interfer with your life. Addressing and resolving past trauma and/or events can positively impact how you feel about current issues.

Victim of Spousal Abuse

If you are a victim of spousal abuse you may be feeling shame and embarrassment, fear or depression. Getting the help you need is imperative for healing and living a rich, full life.

It's normal for feelings to fluctuate, but if you recognize any of these symptoms above you may benefit from talking to psychologists who can listen to your experience.

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